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BMG3-6   3 Sets of Mongolian Caravan Bells
1-55939-022-0   A Policy of Kindness
1-57731-175-2   A Simple Monk
1-55939-013-0   A Strange Liberation
IMH-NA35   Aastha-Satya, 35 gm
IB-AL6   Aladdin's Lamp Burner
RHB-S4   ALL FIVE Vertical Prayer Flags
KF-AM   Amber & Musk
IWH-AM   Amber Incense
IWH-AM6   Amber Incense, Box of 6 hexagonal tubes
JPL-AMB   Amber Pendant on Black Cord
MJE-A   Amethyst Mala with Opalite
IZM-WA   Amethyst Wrist Mala
SON-ATS   Angels of the Sea - Cassette
WR-ACB   Aurvedic Incense Cones - Vatta - Air
0-87773-447-X   Awakening to the Tao
WR-ACG   Ayurvedic Incense Cones - Kapha - Water
WR-ACR   Ayurvedic Incense Cones - Pitta - Fire
WRS-AC   Ayurvedic Incense Cones - SPECIAL PACKAGE
1-877727-69-5   Backward to Forward - Prose Pieces
0-937938-60-2   Bardo Teachings - The Way of Death and Rebirth
IWR-10   Benzoin of Sumatra, 1 pound
IWH-BDC   Bharanth Darshan Cones - 10
IWH-BD   Bharath Darshan Incense
IWH-BD6   Bharath Darshan Incense, Box of 6 hexagonal tubes
IWR-BE   Black Ethiopian Resin, 1 pound
IR-BE   Black Ethiopian Resin, 1/2 oz
TA-DM   Blessed Metal Door Mantra
ME-SL   Bodhi Leaf Earrings - lapis and Sterling Silver
ME-ST   Bodhi Leaf Earrings - Turquoise and Sterling Silver
NK-WB   Bodhidharma Cedar Hand Mala
BGWT-21   Bodhiseed Wrist Mala - 2 Turquoise spacers
BGW-21   Bodhiseed Wrist Mala - Amber Spacers
IBB-55   Brass Chalice Style Burner
IBB-45   Brass Offering/Incense Bowl
OM-B9   Brass OM Wall Hanging - 9 inches
1-55939-153-7   Buddhism for Beginners
1-55939-047-6   Buddhism Through American Women's Eyes
WR-CP   Candle Plate with Eight Auspicious Symbols
MJE-C   Carnelian Mala
IZM-WCN   Carnelian Wrist Mala
ToonIndInc   cartoon
IWH-HC   Cedar Incense, 20 Sticks
IWH-HC6   Cedar Incense, 20 Sticks, Box of 6 hexagonal tubes
NK-MCY   Cedar Mala - Plain Beads
NK-MCK   Cedar Mala with Carved Beads
NK-MCWS   Cedar Wrist Mala - Carved
NK-MCWL   Cedar Wrist Mala - Oversize Om Mani Padme Hum
NK-MCWP   Cedar Wrist Mala, Plain
CMD-CBD   Celtic Dragon Door Curtain, Blue/Green
CM-CBD   Celtic Dragon Table Cloth - Blue/Green
CK-BP   Celtic Knot Cotton Bag
CMD-CKP   Celtic Knot Door Curtain
CM-CK   Celtic Knot Table Cloth
CM-CKP   Celtic Knot Table Cloth - Purple
CM-CKD   Celtic Knot Tablecloth/Bedspread, Black/Denim
0-8048-1224-1   Cha-No-Yu - The Japanese Tea Ceremony
IWH-CDL   Chandan Dhoop logs
1-55939-063-8   Choosing Reality
1-877727-47-4   Clans of Many Nations - Selected Poems 1969 - 1994
KOR-3   Classical Warrior Traditions of Japan, Volumes 1 - 3
ICB-M5   Clay Bowl
1-55974-429-4   Compassion in Exile - The Story of the 14th Dalai Lama - Video VHS
IWH-COP   Copal Incense, 20 Sticks NEW
JR-CA   Copper Free-form Ring, Adjustable
1-57062-894-7   Crazy Wisdom
SON-CCS   Creation Chant - Cassette
SON-CCD   Creation Chant - CD
ISG-10   Daigen-koh - Great Origin
RD-NK   Daigen-Koh Rosewood Incense
MON-DBS   Dancing buffalo - Cassette
IS-DS   Desert Sage Bundle
ISL-DS   Desert Sage Smudging Incense- 1/3 oz Bag
ISL-DS3   Desert Sage Smudging Incense- 3 Bags
1-55939-094-8   Developing Balanced Sensitivity
TMD   Dolphins Ocean T
CM-CDW   Dragon Tablecloth/Bedspread
IMH-OMD15   Dragon's Blood Incense - 15 gms NEW
IR-DB2   Dragon's Blood Resin, 1/2 oz
IR-DB   Dragon's Blood Resin, 1/2 oz NEW
IWH-GPD   Dragons Blood Incense with Burner
IWH-DB   Dragons Blood Incense, 20 Sticks
IWH-DB6   Dragons Blood Incense,Box of 6 Hex Tubes
SON-DC   Dream Catcher - Cassette
1-55939-161-8   Dream Yoga and the Practice of Natural Light
MTS-D2   Dzambhala Miniature
1-55939-057-3   Dzogchen - The Self-Perfected State
1-55939-243-6   Dzogchen Teachings
ERB-5   Ebony Soapstone Smudge Bowl, 5 inches diameter
NK-ES   Eiju Sandalwood - NEW
CME-CP   Elephants - Tablecloth
CME-CW   Elephants - Tablecloth
0-694-517496   Entering the Circle - 2 Audio Cassettes
ISE-13   Evening Zen Incense
CM-BD   Feng Shui Dragon Table Cloth/Bedspread
CM-RD   Feng Shui Dragon Table Cloth/Bedspread
IWH-FSG   Feng Shui Gift Pack
IWH-FST   Feng Shui Trial Pack
0-9655875-0-9   Field Manual for the Performances of the Forty-..
RHF-V5   Five Print Vertical Prayer Flag
IWR-FB   Forest Blend Resin, 1 pound
IR-FB   Forest Blend Resin, 1/2 oz
IWR-5   Frankincense Resin, 1 pound
IR-FR   Frankincense Resin, 3/4 oz
IWH-FR   Frankincense, 20 Sticks
IWH-FR6   Frankincense, Box of 6 20-Stick Hex Tubes
MT-GF2   Ganesh - Brass Miniature
SON-SHS   Gathering of Shamen - Cassette
CD-IHP   Gayaki Sitar CD - Ragas by Hasu Patel
IWH-C3   Gift Bag - Cedar, Copal, and Chandan
IWH-fms   Gift Bag - Frankincense, Myrrh, and Spiritual Guide
IWH-LJP   Gift Bag - Lavender, Jasmine, and Patchouli
IMH-NGC   Golden Nag Champa - 10 cones
IMH-NG100   Golden Nag Champa - 100 gms - NEW
IMH-NG15   Golden Nag Champa - 15 gms - NEW
IMH-GNC   Goloka Nag Champa - 10 cones - NEW
IMH-GN100   Goloka Nag Champa - 100 gms - NEW
IMH-GN15   Goloka Nag Champa - 15 gms - NEW
ISZ-0   Gozan-Five Hills
IGS-B   Granulated Incense, Bodai-Koh "Satori"
IGS-R   Granulated Incense, Rendai-Koh, "Lotus Leaf"
MT-GT2   Green Tara Miniature, Brass
KFTG-10   Green Tara Prayer Flags, Set of 10
KFTG-25   Green Tara Prayer Flags, Set of 25
RHF-TG   Green Tara Single Flag
RHFB-TG   Green Tara Single Flag with Border
KS-TGR   Green Tara Statue
WRF-T8   Green Tara Statue, brass
GTA-T8   Green Tara, Bronze - 8 inches
SR-GR8   Guru Rinpoche - 8.5 inches, bronze, brass, copper, and gold
RHF-GR   Guru Rinpoche Single Flag
RHFB-GR   Guru Rinpoche Single Flag, with Border
ISH-O   Haku-un, White Cloud
VB-CW   Hand Carved Wood Plate Incense Burner
NK-CH   Heart Sutra Candle - White
IWH-CHF   Hem Incense Cones - Frankincense
IWH-CHM   Hem Incense Cones - Myrrh
IWH-C6   HEM Incense Cones, 6 Box Variety Pack
KF-HH   Himalayan Herbal Incense
HHG-B   Himalayan Herbal Incense Gift Pack
KT-HS   Himalayan Salt Tea Light Holder
1-55939-226-6   How To Free Your Mind, Tara the Liberator
IST-8   Hoyei-Koh - Eternal Treasure Incense
1-890536-11-4   Illuminated Spirit
0-14-013023-3   Indian Country
SCW-CD   Inji - Collusion with Wonder, CD
ICBS-R   Japanese Ceramic Cup Style Incense Burner
ISH-48   Japanese Charcoal
0-8048-3179-3   Japanese Death Poems (Softcover)
0-8048-1505-4   Japanese Death Poems - Hardcover
CD-JNH   Japanese Noh Music - CD
ITM-AJ   Jinko Seiun, Jinko Aloeswood Incense
JZN-150   Jinkoh Juzan Aloeswood, 150 short sticks
JZN-100   Jinkoh Juzan Aloeswood, Long sticks
ISB-JP   Johin Traditional Incense Powder
SON-JTW   Journey with the Whales - Cassette
BSKA-35   Kai Un Koh Japanese Incense
KF-KB   Kalachakra Banner
MB-K3   Kalachakra Bracelet
IKF-KCH   Kalachakra Incense
IWR-K   Kashmir Resin, 1 pound
IR-KR   Kashmir Resin, 1/2 oz
1-890536-21-3   Katori Shinto-ryu: Warrior Tradition - Paperback Edition!
1-890536-06-7   Keiko Shokon - Classical Warrior Traditions of Japan
ISK-100   Kiho - Brilliant Peaks NEW
0-937938-18-1   Kindness, Clarity, and Insight
ISP-8   Kinkaku - Golden Pavillion Incense
BSK-2   Kobunboku Japanese Incense
BLK-8   Kobunboku Japanese Incense - Long Box
1-890536-04-0   Koryu Bujutsu - Classical Warrior Traditions of Japan
IBK-CR   Kundalini Burner
KYR-12   Kwan Yin Reclining - 12 inches in length, bronze
KSN-150   Kyara Kongo Selected Aloeswood
ISA-8   Kyo-Nishiki - Kyoto Autumn Leaves Incense
ISB-8   Kyo-Zakura - Kyoto Cherry Blossoms Incense
ABP-8   Lacquered Photo Album, Lily
MJE-LT   Lapis Mala with Jadite
MJE-L   Lapis Mala with Turquoise
TA-LW   Lapis Wrist Mala
BMG-L   Large Mongolian Caravan Bell
SON-LW   Legend of the Wolf - Cassette
RHB-AM   Long Prayer Banner - Avalokiteshvara
IWR-CH   Long-burning Charcoal - 10 33 mm pieces
IKF-LB   Lord Buddha Incense
ISB-L   Lotus Incense Burner, Soapstone
MBL-BL   Lotus Mala Bag, Blue
MBL-GL   Lotus Mala Bag, Gold
MBL-GR   Lotus Mala Bag, Green
MBL-RD   Lotus Mala Bag, Red
1-55939-039-5   Machig Labdron and the Foundations of Chod
IWH-MX   Maha Assortment, Indian incense, 12--NOW 14! hex tubes, one of each
IWH-ML   Maha Laxmi, 20 sticks
IWH-M6   Maha Laxmi, Box of 6 Hex Tubes
ITM-AK   Mainichi-Koh Kyara Aloeswood Incense
TAC-B   Mala Counters, Brass
TAC-S   Mala Counters, White Metal
TB-MXP   Malcolm X Poster
ME-RM   Mandala Earrings, Sterling Silver
KF-MTC   Mandala Tibetan Cedarwood Incense
KF-MTS   Mandala Tibetan Sandalwood Incense

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