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Hoyei-koh, Eternal Treasure Incense Kyo-Nishiki - Kyoto Autumn Leaves Incense Daigen-koh - Great Origin
IST-8  Hoyei-Koh - Eternal Treasure Incense ISA-8  Kyo-Nishiki - Kyoto Autumn Leaves Incense ISG-10  Daigen-koh - Great Origin
Kinkaku - Golden Pavillion Incense Nokiba - Moss Garden Incense Daigen-Koh Rosewood Incense
ISP-8  Kinkaku - Golden Pavillion Incense ISP-N  Nokiba - Moss Garden Incense RD-NK  Daigen-Koh Rosewood Incense
Kiho - Brilliant Peaks White Ash Kyo-Zakura - Kyoto Cherry Blossoms Incense
White Ash
Price $4.95
ISK-100 Kiho - Brilliant Peaks Incense, Japanese Sandalwood
ISA-17  White Ash ISB-8  Kyo-Zakura - Kyoto Cherry Blossoms Incense
Gozan-Five Hills Honoka - Sihouette Kasumi - Gossamer
Gozan-Five Hills
Price $6.95
ISZ-0  Gozan-Five Hills ISHN-40 Honoka - Sihouette
ISKS-40 Kasumi - Gossamer
ETA Nov 3
Kobunboku Japanese Incense Kobunboku (Plum Blossom) Sitting Zen Incense Bodai-Koh - Satori - granulated incense
BSK-2 Kobunboku, 20 gm
ISS-13  Sitting Zen Incense IGS-B  Granulated Incense, Bodai-Koh
Rendai-Koh - Lotus Leaf - granulated incense Johin Traditional Incense Powder Japanese Charcoal
IGS-R  Granulated Incense, Rendai-Koh ISB-JP  Johin Traditional Incense Powder ISH-48 Japanese Charcoal

Haku-un, White Cloud Morning Zen Incense Shin Mainichi Koh Sandalwood Incense

ISH-O Haku-un, White Cloud

ISM-13  Morning Zen Incense ITM-S  Shin Mainichi Koh Sandalwood Incense
Evening Zen Incense Mainichi-Koh Kyara Aloeswood Incense "Good Fortune Incense" Vietnamese aloeswood
ISE-13  Evening Zen Incense ITM-AK  Mainichi-Koh Kyara Aloeswood Incense, approximately 300 sticks BSKA-35 Japanese Incense
Kobunboku Japanese Incense Excellent Kobunboku "the flower of peace." Jinko Seiun, Jinko Aloeswood Incense

Kobunboku Japanese Incense

Tokusen Kobunboku Special Plum Blossom, 60 gms ITM-AJ  Jinko Seiun Aloeswood - Approximately 170 Sticks 5.5 inches each.

"Samurai's Choice"

Aloeswood, rare and precious, was first used in the imperial court of Japan around 800 A.D.  Samurai scented their armor with its smoke before going into battle. Lord Buddha is reputed to have said that the smell of Aloeswood burning "is the scent of Nirvana."
Jinkoh Juzan Aloeswood Jinkoh Juzan Aloeswood Kyara Kongo Selected Aloeswood
Jinkoh Juzan Aloeswood - 100 sticks, 8.75 inches long. Each stick burns for approximately 40 minutes.

Aloeswood has also been used in nearly every religious tradition around the world and revered for thousands of years by many cultures as the most treasured incense ingredient. It was Aloeswood and Myrrh that was burned at Jesus' burial ceremony. Ayurvedic, Unanai, Tibetan and Chinese physicians have all used Aloeswood in their practice to treat various diseases as well as mental illness.
Jinkoh Juzan Aloeswood - 150 sticks, 5.5 inches long. Each stick burns for approximately 30 minutes.

According to Ayurveda, aloeswood has many healing qualities. They say it enhances cerebral functioning, calms the nervous system, remedies nervous disorders such as neurosis, obsessive behaviour, refreshes the mind and body, takes away exhaustion, removes impurities, expels negative energies, brings alertness, relieves anxiety, invokes a sense of strength and peace, creating natural order in your sacred living areas.
Kyara Kongo Selected Aloeswood - 150 sticks, 5.5 inches long. Each stick burns for approximately 30 minutes.

Also known as Agarwood, Lign Aloes, Eagle wood, Jinko or Oud, Aloeswood is one of the most rare and precious woods on the planet, prized for its rich and wonderful fragrance. Aloeswood is extremely rare and often difficult to obtain and its value is pegged at 1.5 times the worth of gold and is sometimes referred to as "liquid gold” or "Wood of the gods.”