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Japanese Noh Music - CD - The Kyoto Nohgaku Kai. Shakuhachi Meditation Music - 2 CD's
Japanese Noh Music - CD
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Shakuhachi Meditation Music - 2 CD's
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Japanese Noh Music - CD - The Kyoto Nohgaku Kai.
Ghosts of warriors and noble ladies, demons, deities,
passion and insanity - these are the subjects of the
famed Noh plays of Japan.
Rarely heard in the west, this collection,
produced and recorded in Japan by Kasumasa Takasago,
captures Noh drama at its most compelling -
moving, unsettling and unforgettable.
ST-J2CD  Shakuhachi Meditation Music - 2 CD's 962-593-460-X  Sushi, Hard Cover
Moon on the Water - 2 CD's
Moon on the Water - 2 CD's
List Price: $18.95
Price $18.95
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Sushi Made Easy
Price $12.95
ST-M2CD  Moon on the Water - 2 CD's Sushi Made Easy 0-87773-452-6  The Art of War - Sun Tzu
The Sake Handbook
Price $14.95
The Book of Five Rings The Sake Handbook Japanese Death Poems (Softcover)
The Book of Tea
Price $18.95
The Book of Tea Cha-No-Yu - The Japanese Tea Ceremony Sword and Spirit - Classical Warrior Traditions...
Katori Shinto-ryu: Warrior Tradition - Paperback
Koryu Bujutsu - Classical Warrior Traditions of Ja Keiko Shokon - Classical Warrior Traditions of Jap 1-890536-20-6  Katori Shinto-ryu: Warrior Tradition
One Day One Lifetime
One Day One Lifetime
Our Price: $59.95
One Day, One Lifetime - An Illustrated Guide to the Spirit, Practice and Philosophy of Seido Karate Meditation by Tadashi Nakamura.
Hardcover, jacket with Sensei's calligraphy. Printed in Mexico for World Seido Karate Organization, New York. Copyright 1992, second printing, before book had an ISBN number. Collector's item.

Suggests a way from stillness to action, and from one breath, one gesture, to the rest of your life. "Try to imagine that your whole life will have to be summed up by this one day..." Believing that meditation is not a mere accessory to karate but an integral part of any martial arts training, Kaicho Nakamura has used the principles of Zen philosophy to develop a system of meditation that is free of any religious, national, or organization overtones. Presents a prescription for the development of calmness and inner strength, the too often neglected true essence of karate. Here, transcribed and collected for the first time, are Kaicho Nakamura's meditation lectures, a guide to integrating spirituality and physicality and discovering the modern meaning of Bushido spirit. A pioneer in making karate available to everyone, not just the physically elite, Kaicho Nakamura interprets for the contemporary world the ancient strength of the samurai.
Classical Warrior Traditions of Japan, set of 3 1-890536-20-6  Katori Shinto-ryu: Warrior Tradition